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SoftFlow Certified Microsoft

What is Microsoft Windows Server?


  • Microsoft Windows Server OS (operating system) is a family of enterprise-class server operating systems that allow numerous users to share services and give administrators considerable administrative control over data storage, applications, and corporate networks.


  • When Microsoft released two operating system lines in the early 1980s: MS-DOS and Windows NT, development for Windows Server began. The kernel of Windows NT was created by Microsoft engineer David Cutler with the goal of providing large enterprises with the speed, security, and reliability that they demand in a server operating system.


  • Key highlights in later adaptations of Windows Server incorporate Active Directory, which mechanizes the administration of client information, security and disseminated assets, and empowers inter operation with different registries; and Server Manager, which is a utility to control server jobs and make design changes to nearby or remote machines.




What is Active Directory and why is it important?


You could hear someone mention Active Directory. It’s sometimes referred to as “AD.” Active Directory is a Microsoft® program that organizes and makes information in an operating system’s directory accessible to users. It’s a link that connects “things” and “values.” That sounds a little “techie,” but it may be summarized as follows:


  • Consider Active Directory to be the “contacts” app on your smartphone. Your Active Directory would be the “contacts” app. In your Active Directory, your individual contacts would be the “objects,” and the address, email, and phone information for each contact would be the “values.” People and users aren’t the only “things” available. It can also contain “group items” like computers, printers, and other similar devices.


  • Active Directory service is provided by SoftFlow in Microsoft Windows server that provides a simplified query for administrators and users, a single network login as well as simplified IT administration and enhanced IT security.


  • Active Directory helps in the organization of your company’s users, computers and other assets. Your company’s full hierarchy is organized using AD, from which PCs belong on which network to what your profile picture looks like and which users have access to the storage area.



What is Messaging and Collaboration?


  • Messaging and collaboration refers to the use of technologies like as e-mail, calendaring, file sharing, and other similar items to share information and facilitate collaborative work.


  • Desktop clients, mobile devices, and web clients can all access e-mail and other personal information management tools. Mail collaboration, office and work flow management based on leading technologies. SoftFlow being Microsoft certified, we strongly recommend using Office 365 to optimize productivity of a business.




What are Advanced Management IT Solutions?


  • SoftFlow provides IT Solutions for effective management and synchronization of multiple departments in an enterprise within a secure information system design.


  • The internet’s entrance shifted the IT solution market in new directions. Managed service providers began to develop in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These businesses used the internet as a low-cost technique of remotely monitoring their clients’ on-premises systems through lights-out management. Remote monitoring and management became another component of IT solutions as a result of this evolution.


  • Cloud computing has substantially broadened the range of IT solutions available. Customers can now get infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and other on-demand services from solution providers. The service provider either develops and supports its own proprietary cloud services or resells (or promotes) public cloud services.




What are some examples of cloud providers:


  • Amazon Web Services is’s broad and ever-evolving cloud computing platform.


  • Google Cloud Platform is a collection of Google’s public cloud computing services.


  • Microsoft Azure is the company’s public cloud computing service.


  • Salesforce Care Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for customer service and support that is built on Salesforce’s sales CRM software.




What is Desktop PC Deployment?


  • A computer system is ready to be deployed once it has been produced and placed in its box. Computer deployment refers to the entire set of IT services required to get a computer system or component up and running. In general, the deployment process is made up of a series of interconnected actions with possible changes in between. The deployment’s design is dictated by the needs of the customers.


  • SoftFlow provides a consistent desktop environment to more people in the organization by delivering windows desktop and the latest windows applications. Being Microsoft Certified, we provide all Microsoft hardware and IT services including licenses and products.




What are the benefits of using PC Deployment Services?


When you buy a computer or a connected item, it’s possible that it won’t be ready to use right away. It is possible, depending on the computer, that it will require multiple software and hardware installations. These tasks that SoftFlow can help you with may include:


  • Removing equipment from its box


  • Plugging it in connecting the accessories


  • Turning it on


  • Installing the operating system


  • Installing software


  • Creating profiles


  • Configuring the settings


  • Connecting to the network




What are Server based IT Solutions?


  • The programs that run on the server are referred to as server-based computing. The server, often known as the centralized server, is the foundation for a server-based network or system, as the name implies. A server is a computer that is dedicated to managing network resources. A server, in simple terms, is a computer program that accepts and replies to requests from other programs on the network, referred to as clients. The term “server-based computing” has been around for a while, and the concept is that data and other resources are stored on a central computer known as a server, and clients such as desktop computers and laptops request that the server share those resources with them.


SoftFlow provides IT solutions for application virtualization using a central server-based and secure IT architecture. We enable the server to centrally deploy and manage line of business software applications while providing secure, on-demand access to these resources for users anywhere, on any device and any network.