Network cabling Montreal, IT support, IT consultancy, managed IT services, IT solutions, and cybersecurity are only some of the IT services SoftFlow can provide your enterprise.

Since 1987, located in Montreal in the province of Quebec, SoftFlow has been a leading service provider and has excelled in Information Technology managed it services and at providing reliable and safe IT solutions.

SoftFlow is a Montreal IT company composed of a large team of certified IT support technicians, network cablers, engineers and network specialists offering reliable and secure IT services and IT support for small to medium businesses.

Being Microsoft certified, we are providers of all Microsoft hardware, products and services including Office 365 migration to SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and all cloud services.

Our main values reflect who we are and what we do; they are essential to our success with our clients and are applied to every single employee at SoftFlow regardless of their title or position.

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Montreal IT Support Services

  • IT support services are much more than just a means of managing your IT programs and environments. An IT support service for businesses assists you in maintaining confidential data and establishing IT security. This is useful for protecting your enterprise from viruses and hackers.


  • IT support services also helps in the smooth operation of your business. Nothing is more important for a small business that is just starting out in any industry.


  • One of the most important reasons for hiring a professional IT service is to improve the quality of your data system. Effective data systems enable you to improve your customer outreach, internal communication, data management organization and other functions. There may be no other decision as crucial as selecting your IT support service provider.



Outsourced IT or in-house?

  • That is the question that many people have when it comes to IT support services. On this page you will find out some of the reasons why you should consider hiring an IT support provider like SoftFlow for your small business.
  • The majority of small businesses are hesitant to hire an IT support provider or service because they believe it will be too costly. But what if you discovered that you can afford IT support services while also saving money? The cost of IT support services for businesses varies according to your location, network criteria and requirements.
  • Small businesses have IT solutions available to them; some of which they may be unaware of.




What Exactly Is IT Support?


  • Every business owner will require IT technical support at some point. Technical support professionals are the ones who ride in like knights to save the day, whether it’s a problem as simple as an employee losing email access or as serious as the entire network going down. IT support is commonly defined as professionals who assist businesses with technology products ranging from computers and phones to televisions and software.


  • Unfortunately, many businesses tend to neglect the importance IT support. Most business owners are satisfied if their IT professionals simply show up on time when something goes wrong.





What should an IT Support job description include?


If you are looking for an IT Support professional, the job description should include:

  • Computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, and scanners configuration
  • Computer system, network monitoring and maintenance
  • Responding to service issues and requests in a timely manner
  • Providing technical support throughout the organization (this may be in person or remotely)
  • Creating accounts for new users
  • Equipment repair and replacement as needed
  • New technology testing
  • Possibly training junior employees



What qualifications and skills should an IT Support have?


Although a formal degree is not always required for an IT Support position, some qualifications may include the following:

  • A logical and technical thought process
  • The ability to meet strict deadlines
  • Prioritization and delegation skills
  • A good sense of detail
  • Communication abilities
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Punctuality abilities
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Teamwork and collaboration abilities
  • Adaptability abilities
  • Work ethics
  • Project management abilities



What does an IT Support earn?

$50,000 – $72,000 / Year

The salary of an IT Support technician is typically determined by the number of years of experience, soft and technical skills, and the scale of responsibilities in the organization.





Why Is IT Support Necessary?


Managed Services & IT Support


  • Today’s businesses require technology. It is critical in any organization, large or small. Technology is frequently one of the most expensive investments in a company. As a result, you should also invest in its upkeep.


  • This is where professional IT assistance from IT companies like SoftFlow is needed. If your technology fails, the consequences for your business can be disastrous. However, IT support is about both prevention and compliance, as well as problem resolution.


  • The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the problems that businesses can face when their IT is inadequate. Moving to remote working was simple for many people.






What exactly are IT support skills?


  • IT support skills are the abilities that computer specialists use to assist others with technical equipment and software. Correctly using technical products such as software applications, mobile apps, and computer hardware frequently necessitates advanced knowledge of information technology.


  • IT support skills are commonly used to assist customers in using a software product or navigating a website, as well as to assist coworkers in setting up equipment in the workplace.







What is the Value of Small Business Tech Support?


  • Small business owners face a wide range of challenges such as insufficient staff, client reliance, and balancing a desire to create quality products with the need to increase sales volume.
  • Many small businesses are struggling to grow on shoestring budgets and their lack of capital forces them to make difficult decisions on how to allocate limited resources. Unfortunately, IT support is an area that many small businesses tend to neglect. This is a bad idea, given how much the average modern business relies on computer systems and networks to run its operations.
  • Even if you have an IT consultant or a dedicated network administrator on staff, your company is very likely to be attacked or have data breached by hackers.
  • Without these trained professionals on your side, that day will arrive much sooner and cause far more damage.





Here are another 5 reasons why small businesses require technical IT support :


1. Use Appropriate Solutions

  • Whether you require new hardware or data processing software, computer security, or network management options, your tech support staff or reputable consulting firms can assist you in identifying the solutions that make the most sense for your operation while balancing your needs and budget. This is significant for several reasons.


  • To begin with, the average small business owner probably has little idea of what hardware and software options are available, let alone which options are appropriate for their needs. An IT specialist can assist in putting the right pieces in place, ensuring operational efficiency and security.



2. Flexibility for Small business IT support

  • Small business owners face a wide range of challenges such as insufficient staff, client reliance, and balancing a desire to create quality products with the need to increase sales volume, to name a few. In reality, the majority of the most significant challenges that small businesses face revolve around one central theme: the bottom line.


  • Many small businesses are struggling to grow on shoestring budgets, and their lack of capital forces them to make difficult decisions about how to allocate limited resources. Unfortunately, technical support is an area that many small businesses overlook.



3. Staff Education

  • You should have confidence in your employees to create and manage passwords correctly. You also want them to use technological resources in the best interests of the company. You even have policies in place to address this issue.


  • With proper technical support on hand, you can educate your staff on how to behave when it comes to computer and network systems. Hackers are constantly devising new schemes to trick employees into granting them access. A tech support specialist or IT consultants like SoftFlow can keep your staff up to date on the latest hacks.



4. Avoid Breaches

  • This is the most common reason for having a good  IT tech support these days. It’s not a matter of if, but of when hackers will target your company.


  • Without technical support, your small business is much more vulnerable to breaches, as well as the data loss, legal trouble and reputational damage.



5. Maximize Profits

  • It is true that whether you hire professionals in-house or work with outside IT consultants or IT firms, you will have to pay for tech support. However, there are numerous advantages to doing so, including reducing waste and increasing efficiency and profit.


  • In reality, you’ll have to pay someone for tech support at some point. You can either pay a little more for dedicated staff or hire professionals on a contract basis. In either case, you will receive support services that are familiar with your operation during your time of need.




Here are 7 reasons why you should use a professional IT support service for your business.


1. IT Promptness

  • Nothing is more frustrating for a start-up or small business than losing network connectivity or lacking the technical infrastructure required to operate successfully. Computer support services have become an integral part of every business since the convergence of technology and the business world. Unexpected crises and events occur all the time and businesses must adapt and move on from a random event that can make or break them.


  • If you ever need an example to help explain the need for IT support, look no further than 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. If businesses can adapt to new processing methods and move past something as disruptive to their operations as COVID-19, they will most likely be fine once it is all over.


2. Saves your company money and time while increasing its ROI (ROI)

  • No small business wants to put money into something that will yield little to no return. When you hire an IT support team like SoftFlow, you are making an investment. However, IT investments almost always pay for themselves especially when there is a software or hardware problem.


  • You don’t need to hire an IT company to handle a network or computer problem that occurs because you’ve already made the wise decision to have your IT support solution team available to you when and how you need them. When it comes to IT, it’s always better to pay a flat fee rather than incurring a slew of unexpected costs.


3. Makes your company’s customer service more efficient

  • When you own a small business, you want to be able to provide consistent customer service when it is required. If you are experiencing unplanned downtime, you will wonder why you did not hire an IT support team.


  • You can’t provide excellent and dependable customer service unless you have a stable network, email or website connection.


4. Network and Enterprise Cybersecurity / IT security

  • Everything revolves around data. Hiring an IT support team for your data is always a sound financial decision. Nothing beats having a safe and secure network to assist you in providing secure transactions to your customers.


  • An IT support team like SoftFlow can provide you with dependable backup and lines of defense using the most up-to-date cybersecurity systems.


5. Time Administration

  • When you run a small business, you wear a dozen hats and try to do everything for all of your customers. With an IT support service, you relieve yourself of the burden of maintaining your data, IT infrastructure and network by entrusting it to a company that specializes in IT solutions.


  • IT solutions at SoftFlow are delivered whenever you need them with a pre-purchased bank of hours or for a fixed monthly fee rather than an unknown and frighteningly high cost.


6. Information is Power

  • IT service support companies will not only provide IT solutions when something goes wrong. They will provide you with an efficient and well-protected IT infrastructure with policies and disciplines.


  • IT support services keep you up to date on the latest technology and upgrades, allowing you to stay on top of your company’s needs and the needs of your customers.


7. Improve Your Company’s Growth and Development

  • Finally, the success of your business relies on the wise decisions you make to keep it running smoothly, providing the necessary service or product and providing excellent customer support and satisfaction.


  • Contact SoftFlow IT the next time you’re considering IT support services for small businesses and what you want to offer your company. Our managed IT Support can provide you with the computer support services you require at an affordable price.


What is your Next Move?


” When you’re a small business, it’s not just about having IT solutions on hand. It’s about being there for your customers and ensuring that you can provide them with quality data security, time, and effort.”