Family owned since 1987, SoftFlow is a managed IT services and IT Support provider for small to medium businesses worldwide. For more than 35 years, this IT company has proven to be an expert in Cybersecurity, IT solutions, IT services, IT support and IT consulting. Based in Montreal, this thriving team is composed of certified IT network and cyber security specialists providing efficient and reliable IT Solutions, IT Security and managed IT services.


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What is Backup and Recovery?


  • The practice of producing and preserving copies of data that can be used to protect businesses against data loss is referred to as backup and recovery. Operational recovery is a term used to describe this process. The data from a backup is usually restored to its original location or to a different location where it can be used in place of the lost or damaged data.


  • SoftFlow suggests that to protect against data loss due to primary hardware or software failure, a good backup copy is kept in a separate system or medium, such as tape from the primary data.



Why is Backup and Recovery Important?


  • At SoftFlow’s, the backup’s goal is to generate a copy of the data that can be recovered if the primary data fails. Primary data failures can be caused by hardware or software failures, data corruption, or a human-initiated event such as a malicious attack (virus or malware) or data deletion by accident. Backup copies allow data to be restored from a previous point in time, which can aid in the recovery of a business after an unanticipated occurrence.


  • Protecting against primary data loss or corruption requires storing a copy of the data on a secondary medium. SoftFlow suggests that this additional media could be as basic as an external drive or USB stick, or as complex as a disc storage system, cloud storage container, or tape drive. The backup medium might be kept in the same place as the primary data or in a different location. Weather-related events are a possibility.



What does high availability mean in IT?

Every day, IT companies like SoftFlow are faced with the challenge of delivering high levels of data and application availability across a wide array of operating systems, applications, databases, hardware components and data center locations. Even in the most diverse and complex IT environment, SoftFlow can assure delivering high availability IT solutions that provide the ultimate protection in data and application availability.





What do you mean by Data Protection?

Data protection refers to a set of techniques and procedures for ensuring the privacy, availability, and integrity of your information. It’s also known as data security or information privacy. Any organization that gathers, processes, or stores sensitive data must have a data protection plan. SoftFlow provides IT solutions that protects your critical data, simplifies the management of data backup and recovery and provides consistent and reliable data protection.





What is meant by Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery protects from unexpected disaster that may endanger information and data availability at any point in time. After a natural disaster, a cyber assault, or even economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, disaster recovery is an organization’s technique of recovering access and functionality to its IT infrastructure. A disaster recovery strategy at SoftFlow might include a range of disaster recovery (DR) approaches.